Why Tokyo 2020 Olympic stadium designer Kengo Kuma is going back to the future

When the Japanese government commissioned Iraqi-born British architect Zaha Hadid to design the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics stadium, award-winning architect Kuma leant his influential voice to the chorus criticizing the decision to not employ a homegrown talent.

The government was listening.

Kuma is acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with designing an Olympic host’s national stadium.

“I’m designing the building for ten years’ (time), I’m not designing it for today,” he tells CNN, of the wooden-latticed building that will take the wood topographical maps global stage in 2020.

“The most important thing for the designer is thinking about the future.”

It’s a philosophy that underpins Kuma’s thoughtful body of work.

Small laser cut maps innovations

So who is the man Japan has put in charge of its Olympic centerpiece?

Born in Yokohoma, Japan, in 1954, the architect left the corporate world to teach at Columbia University, in New York, before returning to Japan to found his own agency, Kengo Kuma & Associates, which today employs more than 150 people globally.

His work is defined by minimalism, an innovative use of natural materials and a humble quality, which both exudes serenity and holds the eye.

And while his Olympic stadium will seat thousands of spectators, some of his most respected projects, such as his contributions to Commune by the Great Wall — an award-winning boutique retreat outside Beijing — are on a much smaller scale.

Kuma says he is happy working at both ends of the spectrum.

“Smaller buildings can show the future of the city,” he says, adding that larger, business-focused projects have constraints that can impede creativity.

This detail-focused creativity was on show at this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale, where he presented a kitchen built from pots and pans. The stacked objects recalled the simple children’s building blocks he released last year — dubbed the Japanese version of Lego.

Those toys, in particular, captured Kuma’s fascination with simple wooden shapes — a fascination that is evident cheap wooden maps at the Jardin des Tuileries, in Paris, home to the Kengo Kuma Pavilion: a climbing frame built from a complex wooden lattice.

Going large

If Kuma can go small — i.e. kitchens and children’s toys — he is equally adept at going large.

Towers designed by the Japanese maestro have sprouted in cities across the globe including Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Dallas, United States; Vancouver, Canada; and Sydney, Australia.

His sprawling folk-art gallery at the China Academy of Arts in Hangzhou, China, and a Hans Christian Andersen Museum planned for the city of Odense, Denmark, meanwhile, both mark a serious ambition to contribute to conversation about architecture’s relationship with culture in the public sphere.

However, it’s those smaller projects, thinking on the more humble, micro level, that Kuma says interest him most.

“In the 20th century, the bigger buildings, the bigger projects were leading the design … but now, we are living in the totally opposite conditions. The bigger buildings cannot show the future,” he says.

Back to the future

Now that modern technology has solved problems such as the maintenance, flexibility and flammability of many natural materials, Kuma says he believes architects need to re-embrace using stone, wood and rice paper. This philosophy is reflected in his Olympic stadium design, which heavily incorporates the use of wood.

“We can go ‘back to the past’ but it is not a nostalgic movement. It’s a very futuristic past,” Kuma says. “The new technology can change the architectural direction.”

Perhaps giving insight into what we can expect for the construction of the Tokyo stadium, Kuma advocates working with local craftsmen, who have a better understanding of local natural materials, and thinking beyond the “concrete culture” of the past century.

“The human body is soft and warm and we need softer material, warmer material,” he says.

Beauty in strength

For Kuma, thinking in natural materials, and on a small scale basis, leads to a classic type of architecture.

“In the 20th century, most architects thought of architecture as producing the art pieces of the period. I think architecture is a never-ending project. Architecture should be permanent,” he says.

“I am always thinking about the future of my kids. We should wood maps to hang on a wall think about the users of the building, and that is the next generation.”

Apatow’s “Funny People” Based on Real Life

Judd Apatow’s “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” spawned one of the most vibrant and successful runs in American comedy a frantic, four-year era capped by and summed up in the writer/director/producer’s latest film, “Funny People.”

After the success of “Virgin,” Apatow and his comedy cohorts were essentially given the keys to studio lots. Finding themselves green-lit at every turn, the veteran comic and his close-knit group of friends dusted off their previously snubbed screenplays and took advantage of their opportunity with a nonstop flow of films.

In just four years, Apatow has either produced or helped write ten movies, among them “Superbad,” “Pineapple Express,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan.” He wrote and directed his “Virgin” follow-up, “Knocked Up.” He helped make stars out of Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd.

Now, like a politician spending accrued political https://www.behance.net/comedianagency capital, Apatow has used his leverage to make “Funny People,” a plainly ambitious 2-1/2 hour film that has Hollywood wondering if he’s overestimated his Midas touch.

“People always say that when they become successful that they’ll make their passion project,” Apatow said in a recent interview. “But they never do.”

For “Funny People,” Apatow says he fused two ideas: a story about how surviving a near-death experience changes someone, and an abstract analysis of the nature of a comedian. Adam Sandler plays George Simmons, a famous standup comedian who finds out he has a form of cancer. Seth Rogen plays Ira Wright, a young standup taken in by Simmons.

More than anything, “Funny People” is overflowing with a love for comedy and all the wealth of experiences of a comedian, from nervously starting out to playing to a roaring packed house. It revels in the backstage banter between standups, the subtlety of good joke-telling, the competitive scrap for fame.

The entire film is.


imbued with Apatow’s life – he has called it “a culmination of my journey in comedy.” Apatow’s wife, Leslie Mann, co-stars as the-girl-that-got-away (from Simmons). Their two young girls, 11-year-old Maude and 6-year-old Iris, play Mann’s character’s children.

“It’s fun to see him grow as a creative person and put those life experiences into his movies,” says Mann. “He’s not sticking to the formula of `40-Year-Old Virgin.’ He’s trying new things and experimenting.”

The film opens with a home video of a prank call Apatow, 41, shot in the early `90s when he was roommates in Los Angeles with Sandler and both were aspiring comics. (“I was directing Adam badly even then,” jokes Apatow.)

Many of the comedians who inspired or worked with Apatow through his career make cameos. One is Paul Reiser (“Mad About You”) whom Apatow interviewed when he was 15 for his Long Island high school radio show, which he used to gain access to comedians like Gary Shandling and Jerry Seinfeld to learn about the art of comedy.

“In everything – in the songs that I chose, in the comedians that populate it – I just wanted everything to be personal and intimate,” says Apatow.

Some have questioned the appeal of a longer and more serious film from Apatow. Los Angeles Times columnist Patrick Goldstein published an open letter to Apatow pleading with him to shorten it.

Apatow says he pitched Universal Studios (which has released all three of Apatow’s directed films) exactly the movie he made, length included.

Criticism has recently been nipping at the interconnected Hollywood comedy juggernaut, which Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have also spearheaded. Ferrell’s last film, “Land of the Lost,” did poorly at the box office, fueling conjecture that an era was dimming.

Apatow estimates that it would take three failures in a row to lose industry support.


It’s a subject he knows something about from his experiences with the acclaimed but canceled series “Freaks and Geeks,” as well as the series “Undeclared” and the 1996 film “The Cable Guy.”

The blizzard of success came only in the last few years for Apatow.

“It’s been a bit of a whirlwind,” says Apatow. “There were definitely moments where it seemed super crazy where we’d be shooting three movies at the same time and I’d just drive between sets all day long.”

That pace, though, is slowing. Apatow is producing the “Sarah Marshall” spinoff “Get Him the Greek,” which is currently filming and stars Hill and Russell Brand. There are other projects in the pipeline, too, including a comedy written by and starring http://comedianagency.weebly.com/ Kristin Wiig of “Saturday Night Live.”

“It’s dropped from like six to eight movies in a year to one – so I feel very good that I’ve gotten everything under control,” says Apatow. “For people who worry about being sick of me: don’t worry, I’m about to drift away.”

He adds: “It’s been many years of output. At some point, you have to sit and actually read all the books that you buy.”

Mann has seen some change in her husband. Of his circle of friends and performers, she says the conversation has turned from bongs to duvet covers: “Everybody’s kind of growing up together.”

Apatow has also been a mentor to a crop of young actors and comedians. As Simmons hires Wright in the film, Apatow was hired as a young comic by Roseanne Barr to write jokes for her act – a phone call that Apatow says will remain the happiest of his career.

“The main thing I think about is: Why did Judd choose me?” says Hill, who plays Rogen’s roommate in “Funny People.” “I always wonder after every movie wraps, do I say something overly sensitive to him about it?”

Ultimately, “Funny People” asks if it’s possible to be both a comedian and a healthy person – whether the old stereotype of the angry, insecure comic is true. As much as anyone, Apatow has sought to disabuse people of that notion by making comedies about earnest, loving (if immature) guys. Increasingly, a sense of family is at the heart of his movies.

In analyzing his life in comedy, Apatow came away with one realization.

“My biggest problem is that as I get older I realize I’m more neurotic than I hoped to be at this age,” says Apatow. “For whatever reason, I’m wired to be thinking about the past and worrying about what’s going to happen. When you have a family and kids, you worry all the time.”

By Jake Coyle

Chiropractic Care – Risks And Dangers

Chiropractic is always a good alternative for people with an illness. Many believe that this is not because of the invasive approach is preferable connected with the practice. But is it really as safe as it is?

Chiropractic is the safest form of health care available. But still regarded as a form of intervention and therefore the patient makes to a certain degree of hazards and risks.

One of the most common risks for patients undergoing chiropractic treatment have been faced, no matter under what conditions it is cured, is a sensation of pain in various parts of the body or muscle. Because your body and your muscles trying to adapt to changes in function caused by the intervention.

The pain suffered by a chiropractic patient could last for a period of 3 to 6 weeks. However, if they have passed that stage, dramatic start every feeling of pain and healing without complication of long-term therapy to be lost.

Depending on the physical or health problems of patients, chiropractic treatment can be concentrated on certain areas of the body. The neck is one of the areas treated with chiropractic.

Lead, in extreme cases, chiropractic treatment in the neck this could damage the spine. The result of this damage could be as extreme as the manifestation of the wave, such as the vertebral syndrome, because it is a very sensitive part of your system.

https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=zloCynKNpZOw.kXgMLgL9GgLYThis condition is very rare, but are at risk.

Research and study grants are currently just how common (or uncommon) to determine that after the accident. However, if I compare him to other causes of death in the United States alone can be the adjustment of the spine chiropractic is an extremely rare case.

Although the incidence of side effects or conditions that chiropractic treatment of patients suffering from very rare, are represented in the media. In fact, chiropractic adjustments of the spine and neck are marked as dangerous procedure. While it is important to proceed with caution, there are several myths about chiropractic care that are completely false.

For example, it has suffered cases of patients of chiropractic in the past, the brain injuries after chiropractic procedures. Many simply conclude that brain damage was suffered by adjustments.

However Shows careful consideration that these patients had a significant risk for acquiring a brain injury or any other disease, even before the chiropractic treatment was made available to them. In addition, no significant association with chiropractic care and the acquisition of these diseases can be made. This is not ultimately clear the dangers and risks, however.

Despite the lack of a coherent case that there is no reason that involve risks and dangers of chiropractic treatment are continuing research efforts. This allows health care providers and chiropractors provides the safest approach in the treatment of diseases or Chiropractic physical disabilities. In addition, efforts to open up the eyes of the people on the validity of chiropractic treatment addressed as an option.

To assess chronic pain the risks and dangers of choosing a chiropractic treatment, then it is best vertebral subluxation used as a non-medical intervention or treatment known.

The best way we can be guaranteed a safe procedure, chiropractors trained professionals who possess skills and knowledge to choose to carry out the treatment, but no danger or threat to the life of the patient.

World’s best job? Add sex, scandal for Web marketing dream | Reuters

SYDNEY Tropical island. Eleven competitors. Osama bin Laden. Porn scandal. Prize? Best job in the world.

This is not a reality TV show, but a contest playing for real in Australia’s Queensland state in an advertising campaign that highlights how more firms are tapping the power of social media such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, for marketing.

Tourism Queensland hit http://www.ratemyarea.com/places/las-vegas-seo-masterm-313495 on a winner with a global campaign to lure visitors to the Great Barrier Reef by asking people to submit online video applications for the “best job in the world” – caretaker of a tropical island for six months.

As news of the job advert on http://www.islandreefjob.com spread, 34,684 people from more than 200 countries submitted 60-second video applications, which everyone could see, for the $150,000 position on Hamilton Island.

“It was just a great idea that captures everyone’s imagination as they’re sitting in a dreary office and it’s raining outside,” said Australian marketing analyst Tim Burrowes, editor of media and marketing website Mumbrella.

“It was already very PR and publicity-friendly but because of all the promotion through videos and file sharing in social media the idea exploded into something much bigger.”

Along the way Tourism Queenland, a government body, received a hoax application from Osama bin Laden, and admitted it concocted the story of a woman in a YouTube video who tattooed an advert for the Great Barrier Reef on her arm to win the position.


Tourism Queensland narrowed the list down to 50 applicants from 22 countries with one failed applicant, Canadian “baby boomer” Mandy Spottiswoode, accusing Tourism Queensland of ageism and only https://seomastermindlv.hub.biz/ picking bikini babes or guys http://www.houzz.com/user/seomastermindlv/__public with washboard stomachs.

Tourism Queensland’s investigation into claims that a finalist, Russian marine biologist Julia Yalovitsyna, was linked to a porn scandal kept the news flowing. She was barred from the contest, which reserved the right to exclude anyone found to have engaged in “inappropriate, illegal or immoral behavior.”

This Friday the list of candidates gets cut back to 11, including one wildcard entry voted online as the campaign’s website tracks the contestants, like a reality TV show.

The finalists will take their places on Hamilton Island with the winner to be announced on May 6 and starting work on July 1.

Queensland Tourism Minister Desley Boyle said the worldwide response to the A$1.7 million marketing campaign had been phenomenal, generating more than $70 million in publicity value.

“The campaign has largely relied on public relations and social networking activity,” she said in a statement.

Burrowes said “the best job in the world,” designed by Australian agency CumminsNitro, would be held up as a case study of a successful social media campaign.

Another winner is a U.S. campaign by Doritos in which people send in video adverts for the corn chips, with the winning ad shown during the Super Bowl, U.S. TV’s most-watched event of the year, and carrying a $1 million prize.

+Las+Vegas+2.jpg” width=”305″ />

But even though increasing numbers of companies are trying to use the social media to promote their products, Burrowes said traditional media advertising still played a key role.

“If you’re a marketing director with a big brand and big budget you need to reach a lot of people quickly which means traditional media but you also have to now find a way to interact with social media. The best way is a combination,” he said.

(Editing by Miral Fahmy)

Top Ten Taos, New Mexico Restaurants

The popular hotel town of Taos, New Mexico is a fantastic example of Location Dining. There are a whole lot of wonderful dining establishments, restaurants, and also bars in Taos, New Mexico. The count is somewhere around 150 now making it one on the greatest per head focus https://plus.google.com/113803834610786539451 of consuming places in The U.S.A.. Actually, it could even have the highest in the USA. The top ten dining establishments in Taos include a range of foods. If you like superb well prepared food, you’ll love these restaurants.De La Tierra- De La Tierra at El Monte Sagrado is the fanciest restaurant in Taos. De La Tierra is an entirely luxurious dining establishment in an entirely luxury hotel aque en Taos. If you could manage El Monte Sagrado, you will mainly likely loss in love with De La Tierra.

Entr e Instances at De La Tierra: Pueblo Harvest Tamales – Two Tamales Packed with Roasted Corn, Poblano Peppers, Wild Mushrooms as well as Asadero Cheese, offered on Grilled Veggie Black Bean Succotash, covered with Spicy Smoked Tomato Sauce, Molasses Marinated Grilled Quail – Parsnip Cake, Saut ed Baby Spinach and also Dried Blue Berry Sauce, Pan Roasted Airline Hen Bust – fresh Pea Risotto and Tasso Carrot Broth, Grilled Salmon – Spinach Enchiladas, Basmati rice Pilaf and a Smoked Tomato Chipotle Sauce, Seared Halibut – Cilantro, Mango, as well as Jasmine Rice Timbale, Julienne Veggies and Coconut Rum Sauce, Pan Roasted Lamb ribs – Asiago, Sage Bread Dessert, Grilled Asparagus as well as Black Pepper Demi-Glace, Mustard Crusted Elk Chop – Jasmine and also Basmati rice Pilaf, and also Roasted Apples, Taos 2 Tip on Beef – Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Braised Beef Short Ribs, with Caramelized Onion Potato Hash and also Grilled Asparagus.Doc Martin’s- Doc Martin’s Dining establishment at the historic Taos Inn is a truly romantic area. Doc Martin’s Dining establishment includes ingenious Contemporary American Cuisine in a sophisticated setting. Complete Bar specializing in Margaritas. Doc Martin’s is a really stress-free area for morning meal, lunch or dinner. Cook Zippy White provides wonderful taste treats below at Doc Martin’s in the facility of Taos.Entree Examples at Doc Martin’s: Delight in such treats as blue corn & blueberry hotcakes with vermont syrup. Kit Carson eggs poached on a yam biscuit with red chile, avacodo ceviche salad with local organic environment-friendlies, crab cakes baguette sandwich with root veggie chips, macadamia encrusted halibut with chipotle & mandarin orange, organic beef ribeye with green chile polenta cake, smoked hen bust with green chile-apricot glaze.Downtown Diner -Midtown Bistro is a wonderful restaurant with excellent food.

Marco will certainly wow you. I just enjoy this location. Wine from their very own acre in The golden state. The Downtown Bistro features worldwide cuisine with fresh, in your area as well as organically grown produce. Innovative cooks prepare one-of-a-kind specials daily. Situated in the heart of Taos, the Downtown Restaurant functions over 100 global wines by the glass.Entrees Instances at Midtown Restaurant: Squash Ravioli with red pepper coulis, wontons, boc choy pleasure and veggies, Blackened Pacific

Snapper served with creole sauce, steamed rice, chardonnay cream sauce, seasonal veggies as well as cilantro aioli, Twin Filet with mashed potatoes, veggies as well as three sauces: red pepper coulis, mushroom brew as well as basil lotion, Slow Roasted Half Poultry with fresh farm vegetables, mashed potatoes, mushroom brew as well as basil cream sauce, Colorado Lamb Shelf served with vanilla yam mashed potatoes, juniper demi-glace, veggie collection and also pomegranates, Maine Lobster Tail with jasmine rice, red curry coconut broth, garden veggies, seaweed relish and also marinaded ginger.El Meze- El Meze is a culinary journey in alright eating. Fred Muller, of’ Fred’s Location” fame as well as his way-talented partner Annette Kratka operate the new dining establishment

El Meze (suggesting the table in Arabic). El Meze is located in the totally recovered Ranch El Torreon from 1840 with its rustic appeal is a suitable location for modern analyses of an 800 years of age food. El Meze explores two societies in a culinary vision of interesting and also unique tastes from North Africa as well as Old Spain. El Meze is a dining experience based on historical and also conventional aspects but presented in a contemporary vision.Entree Examples at El Meze: Grilled double cut lamb chops- broken black pepper, lavender with fried garlic chips. Duck confit served in a bowl of cooked environment-friendlies with managed lemon and a sprinkle of warm pepper

vinegar. Red Snapper -sweet potatos, fennel, Spanish chorizo and also oranges in a rich brew. Barbecued bone in ribeye steak with zesty moroccan butter. Barbecued trout-preserved lemon chermoula.Graham’s Grille -Graham’s Grille, a terrific enhancement to one of the leading cooking locations in the southwest, Taos, New Mexico, receives outstanding reviews. Current traveling trends have indicated Taos as the cooking facility of New Mexico, with a collection of diverse and also imaginative restaurants that equal anything in the southwest. Graham’s Grille Executive Cook Lesley B. Fay, a ten-year Taos local, from Sonoma County, where she as well as spouse Peter developed and operated Fay’s Yard Court Coffee shop in Glen Ellen, California.Entree Instances at Graham’s Grille: Xmas Tamale Pie- Corn masa with hamburger, layered with environment-friendly & red sauce, black beans, cheddar & jack cheese covered with black olives, environment-friendly onions & a blob of sour lotion, Chili Lime Salmon with Grapefruit & Avocado Salsa -Frying pan seared salmon offered on a bed of sauteed spinach topped with a grapefruit & avocado salsa accompanied by potato taquitos, Poultry under a Brick -Half-chicken seasoned with lemon & rosemary served with & buttermilk mashed potatoes, creamed spinach & poultry and wild mushroom au jus, Achiote-Crusted Pork Chop- With pear & mole & wild mushroom cilantro tamale on a bed of red sauce, Corned Beef Hash for Dinner- Shredded coined beef mixed with red potatoes & fresh herbs offered with two eggs & farmer-style sourdough toast, New Mexican Fish & Chips -Blue-corn dusted trout, fried crisp & served with hand-cut french fries, tarter & sauce, chipotle ketchup & lemon parsley butter, Baseball Steak – Buttermilk mashed potatoes & caramelized onions and also candied julienne carrots, T-Bone for Two( 20 oz )- Cheesy potatoes au gratin & creamed spinach.Joseph’s Table- Joseph’s Table showcases the culinary luster of chef Joseph Wrede, Joseph’s Table offers acclaimed food, a considerable & wine choice, and also Taos’s newest evening area, the Butterfly Bar. All flooded in a classy, creatively inspired ambience. Joseph’s Table is a very fine dining establishment with really alright and also abundant dining experience.” Meal Instances at Joseph’s Table &: Vegetarian Today

, Llano Wedding event Steak with Natural Flank Steak, Red Chile, Corn Bread, Posole & Black Beans, Molasses Cured Hawaiian Yellow Fin Tuna with Organic Beets, Parsnips, Turnip Hash Salt Cod Smashed Potatoes, Citizen Organic Duck Bust on French Lentils with Onion Jam, Achiote Citrus Marinated Organic Grilled Quail on Pecan Quinoa, American Steak au Poivre: Peppercorn Crusted Organic Beef Tenderloin on Organic Smashed Potatoes with Madeira Mushroom Sauced to Order, Grilled Petit Organic Beef Tenderloin on Smashed Sugary food Potatoes & Horseradish Sauce & with Onion Bands Chimayo.Lambert’s of Taos -Zeke Lambert and also Tina Lambert developed among the very best eating experiences anywhere. Supper nighttime 5:30 pm to closing. Alcoholic drinks begin at 5pm. Lambert’s food selection contains some very delicious meals, consisting of: dungeness crab cakes, roasted corn and also smoked bacon chowder, smoked chicken satay.tempura lobster tail, grilled lamb tenderloin, romaine salad, roasted tomato and mozzerella, pepper crusted lamb, polished roast duck, smoked medallions of beef tenderloin, pistacio crusted poultry bust, rib eye steak, grilled veal cut, rutabaga-potato herb cake, filet of beef, ginger-grilled shrimp.Entree Examples at Lambert’s of Taos: Vegetarian five nut pesto smoked radicchio Packed Portobello Mushroom Cap, warm lentil salad, smoked tomato, artichoke hearts, asparagus as well as feta cheese, Breaded Kurobuta Pork Cutlet, chipotle lotion sauce, braised red cabbage and also apples with shattered wonderful potatoes, Pistachio Crusted Hen roulade loaded with spinach ricotta, served with shallot sherry cream sauce as well as garlic pasta., Glazed Roasted Duck with an apricot chipotle sauce and pecan wild rice, Grilled Marinated Quail with seeker’s sauce, German potato salad and environment-friendly beans Grilled Jumbo Tiger Shrimp with lemon thyme beurre blanc on tomato as well as garlic pasta with local micro green salad, Grilled Medallions of Beef Tenderloin with mushroom demi-glace and castello danish blue cheese mashed potatoes, Grilled Filet Mignon with horseradish cr me, steak fries as well as barbequed asparagus, Pepper Crusted Lamb Loin Grilled Colorado Lamb served with a merlot demi-glace and garlic pasta.The Love Apple- The Love Apple the Taos’ newest favorite rave. The Love Apple is open in Fernando Miera’s old church on Paseo Norte simply north of the Rio Pueblo. Jennifer Hart, proprietor, host serves natural local food at practical rates prepared from the ground up with objective and also regional fresh active ingredients. The Love Apple’s chef is Andrea Meyer. Jennifer Hart has actually maintained the major area white, with bench sitting along the wall surfaces fitted between the internal buttresses, as well as a personalized rectangular mirror, courtesy Chris White on the east wall surface to expand and lighten up the space.Entree Instances at The Love Apple: The Love Apple’s food selection attributes such thrills as Regional Lamb Hamburger https://plus.google.com/113803834610786539451 with Roasted Dessert Potato Wedges; Avocado and Roasted Beet Salad; Quesadillas with Saut d

Local Beet Greens and also Candied New Mexico Pecans; Calabacitas and Eco-friendly Chile Soup; and also a side of the flour tortillas with cr me fraiche, pico de gallo, and also avocado-cilantro salsa.Sabroso- Sabroso features American as well as Mediterranean-accented alright dining and also bistro get on matched by an award-winning wine checklist. Sabroso likewise supplies an extensive draft beer as well as spirits option, in addition to splendid fresh-squeezed Margaritas as well as various other memorable cocktails. At Sabroso, they prepare on the Taos location’s only wood-fired grill, using local hardwoods to prepare superior steaks, lamb as well as fish. Their regular food selection additionally includes vegetarian and vegan

meals. Sabroso is housed in a historic 150-year-old adobe in the little town of Arroyo Seco that neighborhood customers have referred to as” possibly the home of the coziest dining atmosphere in Taos.” Meal Examples at Sabroso: Filet Mignon- Eight ounce hand-cut Black Angus tenderloin with Bordelaise sauce and wild mushrooms, Rib Eye Steak- Hand-cut Black Angus steak with ma tre d’ butter- ten ounces, twelve ounces, and fourteen ounces, Mixed Grill- A combination of grilled products that alters daily. Ask your web server regarding the day’s presentation for Grilled Salmon of the Day as well as Catch-of-the-day. Sabroso Bouillabaisse- the conventional Proven al fish stew of mussels, calamari, as well as various other fish and shellfish in a light tomato, natural herb, and wine brew with crostini and also saffron rouille, Vegetarian Pasta of the Day, Wild Mushroom Farfalle Carbonara with applewood smoked bacon, cheese, egg, and also cream. Offered without bacon for vegetarians, Saut ed Wild Mexican Shrimp 5 huge shrimp with Israeli couscous -additionally offered fried -Free Range Hen Bust- Natural, vegetarian-fed, European air-chill refined The Surveillance-

Since 1976 the Surveillance Grill & Bar has dispensed incredible steaks and also various other great dinners. Found at an elevation of 7,200 feet, the eating outdoor patio of the Surveillance Restaurant overlooks the Rio Grande Chasm State Park to the west, and Taos to the north. Delight in a sunset dinner from a deck where you can see the Mesa Pedernal, 80 miles to the https://www.instagram.com/carvedlakeart/ south. Tres Orejas, Cerro, San Antonio, and Taos Hill are likewise visible.Entree Instances at The Stakeout: Steaks: New York Strip, Filet Mignon, Ribeye, Pepper Steak, Venison, Lamb, Buffalo, and also Chateaubriand. Specializeds consist of: Pasta, Fresh Pastas, Cloppino, Duck, Salmon, Poultry, Veal, Crab Legs, Lobster. By: J. R. Ransom money Short article Directory site: http://www.articledashboard.com J. R. Ransom money is president of Taos Songs & Art, Inc.( TMA ). TMA’s Taos MultiMedia Center started publishing taosdining.com – Where Taos Concerns Eat, in 2004, featuring listings to all Taos town dining establishments, dining establishments and bars, including listing for all restaurants, reviews as well as an excellent maps to all dining establishments. .

Carmen Dell’Orefice, Oldest Working Model, Turns 80 (PHOTOS)

An 80-year-old model sounds like a fashion oxymoron, like stylish Crocs or flattering Spandex. But style icon Carmen Dell’Orefice proves that working the runway as an octogenarian is not only possible, but pretty darn fabulous.

The veteran model, who celebrates her 80th birthday Friday, got her start on a cover of Vogue in 1947 at a mere 15 years old.


Dell’Orefice went on to pose for photography legends like Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Cecil Beaton, and Norman Parkinson, creating some pretty iconic.


images in the process.

She hasn’t stopped working since — while many a senior citizen is walking with a cane, the agelessly elegant Dell’Orefice continues to strut the runway in her signature white-haired glory, appearing for John Galliano in 2000, Herms in 2004, and Alberta Ferretti just this year.

Check out a handful of images of the woman often called “the world’s oldest working model.”

Budget’ing and money savings tips for parents!

Ok now as a single mother I realize there comes a lot of expenses with kids. So I thought I would share some of the tip’s that I have learned in hopes that they may help other parentstoo!

Lets start with the basic stuff like clothing and coats and such. I was incredibly blessed to find a local ‘freecycle group’ What is freecycle you might ask? Well freecycle is a fantastic invention. The idea behind freecycle is to ‘recycle’ the things you can no longer use .. but things that are still usable to others. thus cutting down on the waste put into landfills and helping out your fellowcitizen. So you join a local group in your area it is all completely FREE . you post the items you need, items you have, and others do the same. These items can be anything clothes, shoes, furniture, household repair items .. and ect.I have been able to find a lot of what my kids need and want on here . not to mention I have been able to get rid of some things we no longer needed and know they went to good use too! My local freecycle group is on yahoo. However I know there are many .. many groups out there.

Next and most important . and often most shocking! Write down what your bills are each month and what your income is. Then write down what you spend on what. Now stach this away because your going to want to look at it later. Now for the next month or two write down EVERYTHING you spend money on and how much. You will find it fascinating at the end of the month when you look at it and find out you spent $30 on soda’s from the vending machine at work .. or on coffee .. ciggarette’s ect. Its funny how when we do the budget we often times under estimate what we spend .. or how much our bills are. If we track our spending we are houston window replacement likely to think about it before we do it. Like do we actually need that 99 cent 20 ounce out of the machine? Or the candy bar at the grocery store?

Then we as parents have to shop around. Shop around for everything. windows tucson what places in your area have peoria az to phoenix az best deals and when. For example . a lot of grocery stores will mark there meats down in the early morning or the late evening. They do this to the ones that will expire soon. However if you go and get them and freeze them they are good to go later on. Same thing with breads and produce. Most grocery stores will have a ‘day old rack’ however there is nothing wrong with the items. Also buy the items when they are on sale. For example .. meats go on sale. Buy family packs and have them freezer wrapped and shove them in the freezer at home! Why pay top dollar a week from now when the frozen meat is going to be just fine for you to thaw out and use?

Coupons coupons coupons. I can not stress this enough. A lot of stores resturants and bussiness’s will have coupons online. A lot of resturants even have free birthday clubs where they will send you a coupon for a free meal on your birthday. Even Chuckie Cheese has coupons online and they even have a reading club for kids to earn free tokens too. I know if you sign up for the birthday club for toys r’ us they will send your child a card and a gift card .. and coupons for you .. as well as a postcard for the child to take the service desk and get a crown and a balloon and they will sing happy birthday over the PA. When my kids were still using wipes, diapers and formula I called the makers of the brands we used and asked for coupons and to be put on the mailing list. Some places gave me coupons for freebie’s. Most of the places sighned me up to recieve coupons monthly. I know Gerber and Pampers sent me coupons for all there products and mailed free samples .. right to my door!So coupons .. coupons coupons!!!!

Free samples . there are a lot .. and I do mean A LOT of places on the net that will send you free samples. For example walmart.com always have free samples you can order. They mail it right to your door and it is totally free with no hassle or spam to your email. I know Pantene and Dove also mail samples. So when you get time check out some of your favorite products online and look and see what you find!

If you have young kids and want activities for them to do that you can all do together and they are free .. your in luck! Home depot window pane Lowe’s both offer a free monthly workshop for kids the first saturday of every month. Each child will get ot make a project AND take it home totally free. Compliments of the fine people at home depot and lowe’s! Also a lot of local libraries offer childrens programs free of charge. I know ym local library offers incentives to kids who read a certain amount of book monthly. Its great kids get the joy of reading and learning and get a reward in the end! Also check and see if your local area has a boys and girls club. The boys and girls club is a low cost place for kids to spend time with each other and learn and have fun! There is no income limit . and the kids love it!

Ok I know the gas prices are hitting all of us really hard . well a good way to save on gas is to go without the short non important trips. Make a list . get everything on the list all at once on the same day. Its the small trips here and there that add up and up costing you more in the end.

Winter time is coming winterize your home! Fill in any gaps where air could come into the house.Keep your heat set at one constant level when everyone is home and turn it down when your sleeping or gone. This way your saving on the fuel to heat the home. When you think about it .. its cheaper to grab another blanket to sleep with then to pay for the gas to heat the house! Next do you have storm windows? If not I know you might think it looks tacky but weather seal plastic is the next best thing. Also thicker curtains too It will make a HUGE difference in your bill. Even your outlets allow air into the home. You can insulate the outlets with special insulation you put under the cover sold at home depot for 10 cents or so a piece .. way worth it. Next invest in the new floresent light bulbs. They may seem expensive at first but once you replace them all in your house with the lower costing energy efficient ones you will thank me for telling you later!!! Next we all know kids don’t think about the electic bill. Well make a system for teaching them to tunr lights off in rooms they are not in. Like maybe give them 100 pennies a month. Each time they leave a light on they have to give up a penny at the end of the month see how many they have .. then they will learn by leaving the lights on it is costing everyone money!

The holidays are coming we all know this can get expensive. Now this is the worst time for impulse buying. RESIST the temptation. Make a list of who your buying for and what you want to buy them. Stick to your list!!!! Watch for sales . sometimes it is good to buy things off season. Like for example after christmas all the wrapping paper is marked down. Hit the 75% off sales and store the stuff! Wrapping paper will easily store under a bed or behind a dresser . I know some families that actually instead of celebrating christmas on the 25th they celebrate all the winter holidays on January first this way everyone is able to make their money stretch further and avoid all the rush for the holiday season! Not to mention it helps settle the arguement of who is going to who’s house on christmas! :) Oh yeah .. no fake tree’s! Fake tree’s are murder for the tree and end up costing you more in the long run. Why do it? Also with the holidays remember the idea of giving a gift is not to find the most expensive thing you can find. The best gifts I have received have been ones that have come from the heart. Take a peek for information about used windshield replacement product reviews by KjWindows.comSomething home made .. hand crafted .. well thought out and time put into it. That means more to me then just something you went to the store and picked up for $30 the last minute! Also those of you with young kids help them join a christmas club at the bank. This is where they can deposit money but they can not take it out until the holiday season. Then that way when they need money for gifts they haved saved it all year so it won’t be such a shock to your pocket book and the fact that it took them so long to save will make them put more thought into what they spend it on!

This is just the begining! I would like others to jump in. Leave me comments letting me know what you do to save money, conserve energy and the planet. Also if anyone has a link to freebies please post it in the comments for other to use too!

Thank you all for reading and I look forward to hearing some feedback and to other sharing some tips too!



How to Replace a Single Pane Window

Many a time, we delay the process of replacing single pane window due to budget constraints. But there is good news for you. Single pane windows are not as costly as double or multi pane windows and hence, can easily fit in your budget. Apart from this, there are many manufacturers who offer various shapes, colors, and designs in single pane windows, allowing you to choose from a wide array of windows that can suit your needs and requirements. Apart from this, there are many advantages associated with single pane windows. They are good for non air conditioned buildings as they allow replacement window screens heat dissipation and keep the rooms cooler. Being inexpensive, you can also use them for garage windows or store room windows to bring the cost down, without compromising on the look and decor of the room. So, if you are in need to replace the old or broken single pane window, then do it now. To know how to replace a window, be it single pane or multi pane, you have to read the rest of the article.

Single Pane Window Replacement

Given below are some simple steps, that you need to follow in order, to replace a single pane window of your house. the procedure for replacing the double or multi pane window is also the same. But remember, if the window size is larger, and you have to repair many windows, then it is advisable to call a professional who can replace the windows for you. But if there is only one window that too a smaller one then you can do it on your own. So take a look:

To begin with replacing the single pane window you need to gather required tools and materials, such as, masking tape, measuring tape, pliers, screwdriver, fast drying primer, hammer, replacement glass, putty knife, eye protection, hand gloves, wholesale windows towel, etc. It is essential to get the broken pane out, in order to replace it with the new one. For this, you may have to remove the window from it’s place carefully. First, with the help of hammer, you need to remove the glazing compound which holds integrity auto glass window in place. You may require somebody’s assistance for this. You also need to chisel the empty window frame or the opening to remove all the remaining glass to make it clean and plane. Once the window opening is clean and smooth, you have to take the measurements, such as, height and width of the window opening. It will help you buy a well fitting window for replacement. Write down the measurements of the window on a piece of paper and carry it with yourself when you go to shop for the new window. You can also contact the local single pane window dealers and take quotations from them. After that you can select any window that suits your budget as well as your room. Ensure that you accept the delivery of the window after checking for cracks and other deformities. Once you buy the new window, you need to start preparing the opening of the window. Firstly, you need to apply the caulk on all sides of the window opening from outside. Now using level, make sure that the window is placed well at the bottom and the sill. Hold the window in the same position for few minutes so that it adheres well to the caulk. Now, make sure that the window is exactly fitting in the place, and is plumb square. Fix the window from all sides in its place using screws and screwdrivers. Take a peek for information about options for door replacement by KjWindows.comThen give a finishing touch to the window by covering gaps and screw holes using a bead of caulk. And let the caulk dry thoroughly, but before that, ensure that the window swings or slides properly. And your brand new single pane window is ready to use. Isn’t replacing a single pane window easy? All you need is some basic carpentry skills and you are set to perform the task alone. So, go ahead and get a new single pane window for your house. I am sure it will enhance the look of your house.